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I-HEAL Guide: An Overview of Laws that Affect the Health of Low-Income People

I-HEAL: Overview of Laws Affecting the Health of Low-Income People contains information about laws and public benefit programs that are commonly linked to health outcomes. The guide is organized by area of law: Income Assistance and Insurance, Housing, Education, Appeals, and Legal Referrals. Each section describes how that area of law affects the health of low-income people, includes information on relevant programs, tips for practice, as well as sources of law. In addition, each section begins with the essential interview questions to ask when speaking with a patient/client who has a legal problem in that area of law.

Please note, “I-HEAL: Overview of Laws Affecting the Health of Low-Income People” is for informational purposes only and is not intended to serve or substitute as legal advice in any particular situation. Health Justice Project attorneys should be consulted for legal advice.

For a copy of the I-HEAL Guide, click here.