Gregory Reilly

Title/s:  Civil Procedure S. 3

Office #:  (Law 113-003) M W 10:00am-12:00pm; CLC 1103



Professor Greg Reilly, Civil Procedure (Section 3)

The required casebook for this class is Stephen C. Yeazell & Joanna C. Schwartz, Civil Procedure, 10th edition (Yeazell & Schwartz). All materials other than the casebook will be posted on the Sakai site. The Sakai site contains the syllabus, additional readings beyond the casebook, class powerpoints, etc. The Sakai site will be operational no later than Thursday, August 11, 2022. Please access the Sakai site for this class before the first class. The first class assignment is as follows:


Class 1, August 17:  Introduction to Civil Procedure

-Read: (1) FRCP Rule 1 (on Sakai/Statutes & Rules); (2) Yeazell & Schwartz p. 1-5 (stop before “B. Where Can the Suit Be Brought?” on p.5) and p. 293-297 (stop before “Notes and Problems” on p. 297); (3) Yeazell & Schwartz p. 210-212 (just the Louisville & Nashville Railroad v. Mottley case – try to understand why the Mottleys were suing and what happened to their lawsuit; we will discuss the legal issues in more detail in Class 2); (4) Review the syllabus (on Sakai/Syllabus & Panels), which includes the course policies and tentative schedule

-Watch: “Before Class Video 1” (link on Sakai/Class Materials)