The Appellate Lawyers Associate (ALA) holds this moot court competition annually. ALA members act as judges for one of the only Midwest competitions held at every level in working courtrooms. The final round is scheduled to be held in the ceremonial court room of the United States District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. Past judges for the final round include: Judge Diane Wood, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit; Judge Robert M. Dow, Jr. and Judge Edmond E. Chang, U.S. District Judges for the Northern District of Illinois; Justice Anne Burke and Justice Mary Jane Theis, Supreme Court of Illinois; Justice Brent E. Dickson, Supreme Court of Indiana; Justice David Prosser, Jr., Supreme Court of Wisconsin; Justice Robert Cook, Justice Donald C. Hudson, Justice William E. Holdridge, and Justice M. Carol Pope of the Appellate Court of Illinois.

ALA competition topics are generally "ripped from the headlines." This year's topic involves the constitutional issues of criminal procedure and sentencing.

2018-2019 Appellate Lawyers Association Team

ALA  image

From Left to Right: Blake Kolesa, Carolina Rodriguez, Jacob Kupferman, Paxton Lozano.