The Process

  • If organized by a student group, Major Events should be planned with the knowledge and approval of your faculty advisor.Choose a date.  
  • Notify the administration of any event that occur on campus or is otherwise affiliated with the School of Law. The more information you include, the better -- nothing is set in stone!  Only a small number of fields are required to submit the form.
  • Major Events often require at least one initial planning meeting between the organizers and a member or members of the administration.  When necessary, you will be contacted to set-up a meeting to discuss your event. 
  • Choose a date. Please consult the Law School Calendar to avoid conflicts with other events.  Have alternate dates in mind in cases rooms or other resources are not available on your preferred date.
  • Reserve a room. Room requests should be made as early as possible. It can take between 7 to 0 business days to receive a room assignment. 
  • Determine budget.  If a student organization wishes to receive funds to use toward a major events, the group must submit a comprehensive budget proposal for the entire academic year. This should be done in conjunction with the faculty advisor.


Every event carries with it different needs. The following list includes typical requirements for General Events, as well as information on how to fulfill them. 

Deadlines & Timing

  • Catering Requests: Solidify menu at least 7 days prior to event; confirm headcount 72 hours prior.
  • Facilities & Setup Requests: Place request no later than 1 week prior to event.
  • Publicity, Internal: Submit your announcement by 4 pm the day before it should post.
  • Room Requests: Submit request 7-10 days prior to the day you hope to receive the assignment.


To invite a speaker, please review the University Speaker Policy and submit a External Speaker Form to Kirk Walter, Interim Dean of Students at least 30 days prior to your event. If your speaker is a high-profile individual, public figure, candidate for public office, etc., please allow extra time.

Room Needs

Rooms should be requested as far in advance as possible, and should be requested using the Room Reservations Form.

Facilities Needs

Does your room require a certain type of setup?  Do you need an extra table for food, extra chairs, or a table for panelists?  Will you need extra garbage cans?  Do you need a coat rack? For anything that requires additional assistance, make sure to include that information in your room request.

Note:  If your event takes place in the Power Rogers & Smith Ceremonial Courtroom, please be aware that no one outside of the facilities staff is authorized to rearrange furniture.  Additionally, Law Media Services must be contacted to move the whiteboards or rotate the podium.

Computer and Media Needs

For Major events, contact LawMediaServices at least 72 hours in advance if questions arise. If microphones or other help is needed, please your request as early as possible. Please also be aware that law school classrooms are already equipped for common tasks such as playing a video or showing a powerpoint presentation, and each station has simple documentation that you can follow if you are unfamiliar with the systems.

If you would like to record an event, please follow these steps:

  1. Contact Law Media Services for recording assistance and availability.
  2. Ensure that audience consent notices are posted visibly in your event location.
  3. Collect a signed Consent Form from each individual who appears on tape as a part of your program.
  4. Complete a Summary Sheet listing each of the individual who appears on tape as a part of your program, signed by the program organizer.
  5. Turn in all necessary materials to Lindsey Johnson.

Materials for recording:
Summary Sheet
Consent Form
Audience Consent


  • Law School Announcements: submit all announcements through the online form.
  • Law School Calendar: submit all events to the calendar through the online form.
  • If print advertising is needed, contact Lindsey Johnson.


Brochures and Printing

If brochures are needed for your event, written copy must be submitted to Lindsey Johnson at least five weeks in advance

Nametag templates

Official Logo to be used on materials


  • For Student Affairs use, we have a voucher system set up with Potash Bros. Market. 
  • Aramark is Loyola's on-site caterer.  You are welcome to contact Aramark to discuss their services at 773/508.6035. All orders with Aramark must be placed by a member of Loyola's faculty or staff.

Planning a CLE Program

Loyola University Chicago School of Law is an accredited Illinois Continuing Legal Education (CLE) provider, and as such, we strive to offer high-quality programs on a wide array of legal topics throughout the year.

When planning activities, our students and faculty are encouraged to keep in mind the option of offering CLE credit.  To offer CLE credit for any program, approval must be granted by the Director of CLE Programming.  Please do not advertise any programming as CLE-eligible until approval has been received and your number of credit hours has been determined.  Programs offered without prior approval will not be retroactively certified.

CLE Requirements
The Illinois MCLE Board requires that CLE courses have:

  • significant intellectual, educational or practical content to increase attorneys' competency;
  • content that deals primarily with matters related to the practice of law;
  • written materials supporting the course made available to participants;
  • qualified faculty;
  • a component of interactivity, such as Q&A with faculty

To discuss whether your program may be offered for CLE credit, contact:
Lindsey Johnson
Director Continuing Legal Education & Online Communication
Email:  LoyolaLawCLE@luc.edu (preferred for CLE matters)
Email:  ljohn15@luc.edu (alternate, non-CLE matters)
Phone: 312.915.7711

Alumni Involvement

  • Are any of your attendees or participants alumni? The Alumni Relations office would like to know. Please email Alumni Relations at lawalumni@luc.edu.
  • When appropriate, Alumni Relations can assist with the development of contact lists.  These requests can take up to four weeks to process.