Dean Strang

Title/s:  Evidence S. 3

Office #:  (Law 210-003) Tu Th 2:00pm-4:00pm; CLC 1303



LAW 210-003: Evidence


  Books: Pavel Wonsowicz, Evidence (2d ed. 2017) (required, and this does include the text of the Federal Rules of Evidence as of 2017); Federal Rules of Evidence with Faigman evidence map (2021) or Federal Rules of Evidence, 2022-23 Edition (West Academic Publishing) (recommended only; the advantages are that these include recent amendments to the Federal Rules of Evidence and also collect all of those rules in one place) 


  First Assignment: Read Pavel Wonsowicz, Evidence (2d ed. 2017), pp. 7-16 (parts II and III.A, B, and C), 531-33, 414-21 (Chambers); Federal Rules of Evidence (FRE) 101 through 201, 601-603