Name Course Time Phone/E-mail
Aisha Cornelius Edwards Abolition and Movement Lawyering (Law 156-001) Th 6:30-8:30pm; Online
Jordan Paradise Administrative Law S. 3 (Law 221-003) Tu Th 2:00-3:30p; CLC 1401
Joe Mitzenmacher Advanced Legal Research (Law 290-001) M 6:00-7:00p; CLC 1404
Joellen Lind Satterlee American Legal History (Law 354-001); M 4:00-6:00p; CLC 1201
Spencer Waller Antitrust (Law 375-001) MW 10:30a-12p; CLC 1202
Nadia Sawicki Bioethics Law & Policy (Law 715-001) Tu 3:00-5:00p; CLC 1101
James Gathii Black Traditions in International Law (Law 265-001) W 4:00-6:00p; CLC 1202
Morgan Rosenberg and Gilda Spencer Client Counseling (Law 404-001) Tu Th 1:00-2:30p; CLC 1201
Dean Strang Conflict of Laws (Law 325-001); Tu Th 5:30-7:00p; Online
Barry Sullivan Constitutional Law S. 1 (Law 122-001) M W 10a-12p; CLC 1403
Alan Raphael Constitutional Law S. 2 (Law 122-002) Tu Th 10a-12p; CLC 1403
John Dehn Constitutional Law S. 4 (Law 122-004) Sun 8:30a-2:00p; CLC 1303
Lea Krivinskas Shepard Contracts S. 1 (Law 132-001) M W 2-4p; CLC 1103
Stephen Rushin Criminal Law S. 1 (Law 140-001) Tu Th 10-11:30a; CLC 1303
Dean Strang Criminal Law S. 2 (Law 140-002); M W 3:30-5:00p; CLC 1303
Dean Strang Criminal Law S. 4 (Law 140-004) Sa 1:00-4:55p; CLC 1303
Alan Raphael Criminal Procedure: Adjudication (Law 241-002) Tu Th 2-3:30p; CLC 1040
Miranda Johnson Education Law and Policy (Law 461-001) Th 1:00-3:00p; CLC 1103
Carmen Gonzalez Environmental Law (Law 349-001) Tu Th 10:30a-12p; CLC 1101
Anne-Marie Rhodes Estates S. 1 (Law 250-001) Tu Th 2:00-3:30p; CLC 1040
Sarah Waldeck Estates S. 2 (Law 250-002) M W 2:00pm-3:00pm; CLC 1303
Bill Elward Evidence (Law 210-001) M W 7-9p; CLC 1403
Sacha Coupet Family Law (Law 245-001) M W 10:00-11:30a; CLC 1401
Jordan Paradise Food and Drug Law (Law 718-001) M W 1:00-2:30p; CLC 1102
Cynthia Ho Global Access to Medicine: A Patent Perspective (Law 388-001) tu 2:00-4:00p; CLC 1102
Kathleen Burke Health Care Litigation and Medical Malpractice (Law 729-001) Tu 7:00-9:00pm; CLC 1101
Nadia Sawicki Health Law: Patients and Populations (Law 710-001) Tu Th 10:00-11:30a; CLC 1103
Margaret Moses International Business Transactions (Law 371-001); Tu Th 10:30a-12:00p; CLC 1201
James Gathii International Law and Practice (Law 372-001) W 10:00a-12:00p; CLC 1101
Vincent Samar Jurisprudence I S. 1 and S. 2 (Law 319-001) Tu Th 10-11:15a; (Law 319-002) Tu Th 1-2:15p; CLC 522
Ted Donner Law of Jury Selection (Law 179-001) M 6-8p; CLC 106
Joe Mitzenmacher and Tom Keefe Legal Technology (Law 297-001) W 4:00-6:00p; Online
Jack Block and Lisa Sandlow Mediation Advocacy (Law 406-001) Tu 6:00-9:00p; CLC 1002
Teresa Frisbie Mindfulness and Well-Being (Law 463-001) Tu 4:00-5:00p; CLC 1002
Melissa Smart Professional Responsibility S. 1 (Law 414-001) Tu Th 12-1:30p; CLC 1403
Scott Kozlov and Tracy Kepler Professional Responsibility S. 2 (Law 414-001) Tu 6-8p; T 6-7p; CLC 1103
Mary Bird and Maureen Kieffer Public Interest Law Seminar (Law 389-001); Online
Joseph Schorer Structured Finance (Law 472-001) Th 10a-12p; CLC 1404
Robert Bedore Tax Controversy Practice & Procedure (Law 384-001) Th 5:00-7:00p; Online
John Dehn The Use of Force in International Domestic Law (Law 597-001) Tu 3:00-5:00p; CLC 1201
Robin Andrews Trial Practice II: A Securities Fraud Trial (Law 412-002) W 5:15-7:15p; Online
Kristin Finn and Deborah Baker Women and Leadership (Law 216-001) W 5-7p; CLC 1101