Vincent Samar

Title/s:  Jurisprudence I, S. 1 and S. 2

Office #:  (Law 319-001) Tu Th 10:00am-11:15am; CLC 522 (Law 319-002) Tu Th 1:00pm-2:15pm; CLC 522



There is a required textbook and Coursepack for LAW 319-001 and LAW 319-002.  The textbook is  Philosophy of Law, 9th ed., eds. Feinberg, Coleman & Kutz.  Both the textbook and Coursepack are available in the bookstore.  For our first day of class, August 18, 20223, please read: People v. Young, coursepack; State v. Guido, coursepack; M’Naghten Rules, textbook, pp. 835-36; The Insanity Defense, textbook, pp. 836-39