Sarah Waldeck

Title/s:  Property S. 1 & S. 2

Office #:  (Law 152-001) M W 2:00pm-4:00pm Law 152-002) M W 10:00am-12:00pm



First Assignment / Property Fall 2022 / Professor Waldeck


Welcome to Property!

Our textbook is Dukeminier et al., Property Concise Edition (Aspen Casebook Series 3d ed. 2021). 

I strongly recommend that you obtain a hard copy of this book, not an e-copy.  As we will discuss on the first day, I do not allow laptops or other electronic devices in the classroom, so you will be unable to access an e-copy during class.  In addition, as of this writing, Law School final exam rules would prevent you from using an electronic device to access your e-book during our final, which is open-book.


To help control textbook costs, consider buying a used copy or renting the book.  There is also a reserve copy of the textbook in the library.  You will use the textbook every week during the semester, but are very unlikely to use it later in your law school career or when studying for the bar. 


The publisher sells the textbook with a “connected” feature that provides access to what it describes as a “study center” with practice questions, videos, explanations and the like.  While this sounds enticing, the content is generic and not keyed to what we do in class.   Please do not pay more for access to the connected feature—it’s not worth it.


For our first class please read pages 14-22 (through note 6) and pages 28-33 in the textbook.  Please also read the pdf of Ghen v. Rich.


Note that in our class, you must a wear a mask that covers your mouth and nose.  Please make sure that you enter our classroom wearing a mask.


I look forward to meeting all of you!


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