Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Checklists and Timelines

Below are several tools that may be helpful as you prepare to hold your event.

Remember that every event comes with its own unique needs, and no ready-made checklist can cover everything.  Meet with Christine Heaton to discuss further details related to your program.

Event Process
Use this flowchart to keep in mind the overarching structure that should guide you as you plan either a General or a Major Event.

Administration's Deadlines for Major Events
The Administration will often ask you to use this series of checklists as a broad skeletal structure when planning a major event.  This accounts for many of the most important deadlines, but not for minor tasks.

Details, Details, Details
Use this list to keep track of the largest elements and to avoid missing the smallest.  This document is fully editable, so you can remove items you've ruled out as unnecessary, and add others unique to your event.  Also allows a convenient way to delegate staff for each task.

Blank Checklist Template
Fill in the blanks as necessary to develop your own task list, deadlines, and staffing decisions.