Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Guidelines for Major Events

Part One:  Communicating

If organized by a student group, Major Events should be planned with the knowledge and approval of your faculty advisor.

The administration must be made aware of events that occur on campus or are otherwise affiliated with the School of Law.  Major Events often require at least one initial planning meeting between the organizers and a member or members of the administration.

The process begins by filling out the form below.
Where necessary, you will be contacted to set up a meeting to discuss your event.
You must submit this form prior to moving forward with your planning.*

Major Event Proposal Form

* Note that only a small number of fields are required.
Feel free to use the form as a worksheet for your ideas.
The more information you include, the better -- nothing is set in stone!  

Part Two:  Planning

This section includes information you will need as you move forward with your planning
Much of this may be discussed during your initial planning meeting, but feel encouraged to browse this section to help you with ideas for your Proposal form, or to assist you as you begin work on the details of your event.

Your first step will normally be choosing a date.  Please consult the Law School Calendar to avoid conflicts with large events.  Have alternate dates in mind in case rooms or other resources are not available on your preferred date.

Your second step will normally be to reserve a room.  Please follow the Room Reservations guidelines, found in the link bank at right.  It can often take anywhere from 7 to 10 business days to receive a room assignment.  Room requests should be made as early as possible -- especially for major events, which often compete for space with the rest of the university.

Your budget will likely have already been determined after you've submitted your proposal form and met with the administration for event approval.  If you have not received budget approval, please develop a budget plan and contact Christine Heaton for details regarding your next step.  (Student organizations: please note that guidelines governing organizations require a budget prospectus for the entire academic year, and that no event, even a large-scale event, will be considered ad-hoc or independent of the rest of your activities.)  A budget worksheet (required for many major events) can be found in the link bank at right.

Every event carries with it different needs, but the following list includes typical requirements for Major Events, as well as information on how to fulfill them -- you will likely be collaborating with several different departments when planning a major event.  (Remember to browse the checklists and other tools linked at right for details or ideas.)

Catering Requests:  Solidify menu at least 7 days prior to event; confirm headcount 72 hours prior.

Facilities & Set-up Request:  Place request no later than 1 week prior to event

Invitations:  Mailed invitations should be sent 5 to 6 weeks prior to event

Publicity, Internal:  Submit your announcement by 4 pm the day before it should be distributed; submit your digital monitor request 7 business days before your monitor sign should be published.

Publicity, External:  Copy must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to an ad going to print.

Printing Needs:  Copy must be submitted at least 5 weeks prior to the date you hope to receive the final printed brochures, posters, etc.

Plaques, Gifts:  Copy must be submitted 3 weeks prior to event date if a plaque or other item must be engraved, printed, etc.

Room Requests:  Submit request as soon as possible!  It generally takes 7 to 10 business days to receive an assignment.

Speaker Clearance:  Submit form at least 7 days prior to the event; additional notice required for high-profile speakers, public figures, candidates for public office, etc.

Alumni Involvement:  Requests for contact lists must be placed 4 weeks in advance.

To invite a speaker, please review the University Speaker Policy and submit a Speaker Clearance Form to Giselle Santibanez-Bania no fewer than 7 days prior to your event.  These can both be found in the link bank at right.  If your speaker is a high-profile individual, public figure, candidate for public office, etc., please allow extra time.

Rooms should be requested through the Law Room Reservations request form as far in advance as possible.  Due to the types of spaces and rooms often needed, major events tend to have to compete for space with the rest of the university, so please plan ahead.  For details on how to place a request, please see the Room Reservations link under the Resources link bank at right.

Does your room require a certain type of setup?  Do you need an extra table for food, extra chairs, or a table for panelists?  Will you need extra garbage cans?  Do you need a coat rack?  Some of this can often be done on your own on the day of the event.  For anything that requires additional assistance however, email LawRoomReservations@luc.edu with your event date, time, and location, and a description of your needs at least one week prior to the event.  Room Res will help coordinate with facilities.

Please be aware that certain setup requests may take longer to coordinate -- for instance, Loyola does not have highboy tables readily available for use, so these must be rented.  If you have any concerns that your needs may be harder to meet, please contact Law Room Reservations.

Note:  Send a diagram if you can!  These are immensely helpful to the facilities staff, and Room Res will often ask for these in response to your initial request.  Examples can be found through the link bank at right.

Note:  If your event takes place in the Power Rogers & Smith Ceremonial Courtroom, please be aware that no one outside of the facilities staff is authorized to rearrange furniture.  Note as well that Law Media Services (LawMediaServices@luc.edu) must be contacted to move the whiteboards or rotate the podium when necessary.

Media needs include assistance with computer or AV technology, professional photography, videorecording, microphone needs, etc.  Email LawMediaServices@luc.edu as far in advance as possible to communicate your anticipated media needs.  Resources are limited, so the earlier the better.  Student groups, please copy your faculty advisor on any communications.

LMS will often ask you for an event itinerary and will request a meeting to "walk through" your event to help you determine your needs.  This department is aware of the unique needs and requirements of various university locations, and can offer valuable troubleshooting information.

For events held in Kasbeer or Beane Halls, the event organizer must supply a laptop if computer projection is required; these rooms can be outfitted with screens, but are not equipped with computer terminals.

Internal Advertising:

Law School Announcements (Daily Bulletin)
To submit an announcement, please email LawSchoolAnnouncements@luc.edu.  You must draft both a headline and the body of the announcement.  Announcements must be received by 4pm the day before you would like them to post.  Various policies govern the daily announcements in terms of their content, number of repeats, and how to request a change.  Please review these, found in the Policies link bank at right.

Law School Calendar
To have an event placed on the Law School Calendar, please email LawSchoolAnnouncements@luc.edu.
Include the following information:
- Event Title
- Event Date, Start Time, and End Time
- Location
- Contact Person
- Contact E-mail/Phone
- Brief Description
   *Note that all fields are required

Digital Monitors
To advertise using the flat screen monitors in the 1st floor lobby, the 3rd floor library entrance, and on the 10th and 11th floors, email LawSchoolAnnouncements@luc.edu no less than 7 business days before you would like your sign to post.  Include all pertinent information.

You may also create your own slides.  Templates are available in the Resources & Tools bank at right.  We encourage you to include only the most relevant information and to use larger fonts.  We generally recommend that texts be no smaller than 32pt font.

Note:  If you create your own slide, please be aware that it is subject to editing and re-formatting, as we must ensure that all slides on the monitors are legible and comply with the standards of University Marketing and Communication.

Posting Flyers
-  All flyers must be stamped approved.  Please see Giselle Santibanez-Bania, Dean Gaspardo, or Christine Heaton.
-  All flyers must include the name of the sponsoring student organization or department.
-  Flyers can be posted only on bulletin boards, and may not be taped or tacked up elsewhere in the building.
-  Those who post flyers are responsible for removing all of their flyers once they are no longer relevant.

External Advertising:

Print Advertising
Contact Elisabeth Brookover (ebrooko@luc.edu) for assistance.  Written copy must be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to an ad running.

Alumni Advertising
Contact Elizabeth Suffredin (esuffre@luc.edu) for assistance.  To receive assistance targeting your event toward a specific group of alumni, please allow at least 4 weeks for development of a contact list.

Contact Elisabeth Brookover (ebrooko@luc.edu) for assistance or to request examples of materials from past events.  Written copy must be submitted at least 5 weeks in advance of your event to ensure adequate time for design and printing.

If you have a budget approved for refreshments, you have a few options:

-  For Student Affairs use, we have a voucher system set up with several local businesses:  Potash Bros. Market, Subway, and Whole Foods.  Please see Giselle Santibanez-Bania or Lindsey Johnson for assistance.

-  Aramark is Loyola's on-site caterer.  You are welcome to contact Aramark to discuss their services at773/508.6035.  Students may begin the process, but may not confirm an order.  All orders with Aramark must be placed by a member of Loyola's faculty or staff.

-  The serving of alcohol requires approval, and may carry restrictions.  Please contact Lindsey Johnson for more information.

-  For refreshment ideas or help selecting a vendor, you may contact Lindsey Johnson.

Are any of your attendees or participants alumni?  The Alumni Relations office would like to know.  Please email Alumni Relations at lawalumni@luc.edu or 312.915.6187.

Where appropriate, Alumni Relations can assist with the development of contact lists for your event promotions and invitations.  These must be requested 4 weeks in advance.

If you have additional needs or questions, or would like to schedule a meeting to discuss the event planning process, please contact Lindsey Johnson at ljohn15@luc.edu.