Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Digital Monitor Templates

To advertise using the flat screen monitors in the 1st floor lobby, the 3rd floor outside of the law library, and on the 10th and 11th floors, email LawSchoolAnnouncements@luc.edu 7 days before you would like your sign to post.  Include all pertinent information.

You may also create your own slides.  Several templates are included below.  We encourage you to include only the most important information and to use larger fonts.  We generally recommend that text be no smaller than 32pt.

Please note that if you create your own slide, it is subject to editing and re-formatting, as we must ensure that all slides on the monitors are legible from a distance, and are complaint with the standards of University Marketing and Communication.


  Maroon Line Header
Logo Only
Maroon line header w/logo
Double border w/logo
Full border w/logo