Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Nametag Templates

Use these templates to create nametags that include Loyola's logo.

Nametag Templates:

Loyola Law Nametag - Avery 5390

Loyola Law Nametag - Avery 5392

Loyola Law Nametag - Avery 5395


  1. Choose the appropriate template for the nametag size you will be using; included are templates for Avery 5390, Avery 5392, and Avery 5395.
  2. Create the nametag content as you normally would in Word or WordPerfect, either by typing information for each individual tag, or by performing a mail merge using an Excel spreadsheet.
  3. Print the appropriate PDF template onto your blank nametag sheets -- when this is done, the only thing printed onto your nametags will be the logo.  There will be one more round of printing for the name info.
    (*TipPrint a couple of extras on normal sheets of paper -- you can use these as test-sheets before you complete the next step.  Ensure that the names do not print on top of, or too close to, your logo, that the names do not appear upside down when compared with your logo, etc.)
  4. Now you are ready to print the nametag content onto your nametag sheets.  Simply insert the nametag sheets into your printer in the same direction you did during step 3, and print from your Word or WordPerfect document.