Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Flyer Posting Policies

‌"If it needs tape, it's in the wrong place."
Dean Jean Gaspardo 

 *  All flyers hung throughout the building must be stamped approved and given an end-date.  For assistance, see Giselle Santibanez-Bania, Dean Jean Gaspardo, or Lindsey Johnson.

*  All postings must include the name of the sponsoring department or student organization.

*  Items must be posted on bulletin boards, rather than tacked or taped to walls, doors, within elevators, etc.  Postings found elsewhere will be removed.

*  Those posting materials are responsible for removing their items once event date or relevance has passed; postings of other students, student groups, organizations, or departments are not to be taken down by any unauthorized party unless the listed date has passed or no stamp is present.

Please Note:
  Flyers should be submitted in person.  It is best to bring one copy to be stamped, and then to make additional copies of the approved flyer if necessary.  In the event that a flyer must be submitted electronically due to time constraints or other similar circumstances, only one copy will be printed and stamped.  Additional copies will be your responsibility.