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Room Diagrams

How to Request a Particular Room Setup

Prepare a description of your setup needs, including the date, time, and location for which the setup is needed.  For slightly more involved requests, use of a diagram is strongly recommended, as it is immensely helpful to the personnel who will prepare the room, and greatly reduces the chances that your needs will not come across clearly and will not be met.

For events run by Faculty and Staff:  
Email this information to Marian Merchut (mmerch1@luc.edu).

For events run by Student Organizations:
Email this information to Law Room Reservations (LawRoomReservations@luc.edu).

Important Notes:

  • Check with Law Room Reservations to ensure that your room reservation allows enough time for room setup to take place.  Check with them as well to ensure that an early setup will not disrupt other events or classes being held earlier in your event's space.
  • For those holding events in the Power Rogers & Smith Ceremonial Courtroom, please note that all furniture must be moved by authorized personnel.  This includes moving the center tables, re-positioning or turning the electronic podium, storing or revealing the white boards, etc.


These planning tools are meant to help you create a clear diagram quickly for the three rooms that generally require the most involved arrangements.  You may also draw diagrams by hand (or hand-draw onto printed versions of these tools), and then scan them so that they can be emailed.

Kasbeer Hall
Corboy Law Center, 15th floor
Seats 200, theater style

Example Setup - Powerpoint slide; move, copy, and paste existing "furniture" as needed
Empty Room - Powerpoint slide; add symbols for furniture as needed

Beane Hall
Lewis Towers, 13th floor
Seats 120, theater style

Power Rogers & Smith Ceremonial Courtroom
Corboy Law Center, 10th floor (room 1040)
Seats 168 in standard arrangement

Example Setup - Powerpoint slide; move, copy, and paste existing "furniture" as needed