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School of Law

Small Event Calendar

The events on this calendar include day to day events and group meetings, and are populated using information from submitted General Event notifications.  It can take several days for updates to be added once your event notification is submitted, so please leave ample time.

Other dates, such as some large events, university events, and important dates on the academic calendar, are added for your convenience.  We try to keep an accurate picture here to help you with planning your smaller meetings, but this calendar is unofficial, and not all events are shown -- the official calendar can be found here

Using this Calendar:

  • Click on any event below for more details.
  • All-day events appear as white text on a colored background; events with specific times appear as colored text.
  • To see the color key, or to filter out certain types of events, click the small downward-pointing arrow at the top right corner of the calendar.
  • For a larger version containing student organizaton events only, click here.