Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Recording an Event

When recording an event, it is important that you adhere to the following procedures so that your video can be distributed or published to the web. 

  1. Contact Law Media Services for recording assistance. (LawMediaServices@luc.edu)
  2. Ensure that audience consent notices are posted visibly in your event location.
  3. Collect a signed Consent Form from each individual who appears on tape as a part of your program.
  4. Complete a Summary Sheet listing each of the individual who appears on tape as a part of your program, signed by the program organizer.
  5. Turn in all necessary materials to Lindsey Johnson.
    Once all materials have been collected, Law Media Services will be notified, and your video will be released.

Please note:  These policies govern all events held in connection with the School of Law during which audio or video recording takes place, regardless of whether you make your own recording or request assistance from Law Media Services.


Summary Sheet

Consent Form

Audience Consent (to post at event)