Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Federal Tax Clinic Activity

Each semester the Clinic works on forty to fifty client cases. Students are also granted the opportunity to educate low-income and ESL taxpayers through workshops and presentations they will hold throughout the semester. These clients provide a wide variety of tax controversies. The Clinic generally accepts a maximum of eight student representatives into the class. Thus, each student enjoys the experience of representing at least five clients during a semester as well as a close working relationship with the Director and Assistant Director.

The educational objective of the Clinic is to prepare students by practicing fundamental lawyering skills through the development of the following:

  • Advocacy
  • Educational workshops and presentations to low-income and ESL taxpayers
  • Recognition and resolution of professional and ethical dilemmas
  • Factual investigation
  • Client relations
  • Letter writing to clients and government agencies
  • Drafting legal memorandum and other legal documents
  • Problem solving
  • Legal analysis
  • Legal research
  • Counseling
  • Hands-on experience negotiating settlements with revenue agents, appeals officers, and attorneys for the IRS
  • Time management
  • Interviewing and counseling clients
  • Prepare cases for IRS conferences at Exam/Collection/Appeals/Chief Counsel
  • Learning the importance of pro bono work