Deborah Senn

Title/s:  Former Washington State Insurance Commissioner



Deborah Senn is a former Washington State Insurance Commissioner (1993-2001). As the first woman elected to the office, Ms. Senn was a strong consumer advocate and adopted groundbreaking regulations to protect physicians in their contract negotiations and billing process with insurers. Ms. Senn was also a national leader for access to insurance for patients of complementary and alternative providers, and implemented key health insurance reforms in Washington to guarantee women direct access to OB/GYNs. In her current legal practice, Ms. Senn represents an array of health care providers. She also lobbies in Washington D.C. on health care for a national provider association, and serves as a consultant on insurance regulation internationally. Ms. Senn has recently traveled to Vietnam, Serbia, Algeria, Paraguay, Haiti, Kosovo, Armenia, and Bosnia-Herzegovina. 


BA, University of Illinois
MA, University of Illinois
JD, Loyola University Chicago School of Law