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Margaret L. Moses

Title/s: Mary Ann G. McMorrow Professor of Law, Director of International Law and Practice Program

Office #: Corboy 1433

Phone: 312.915.6430

E-mail: mmoses1@luc.edu


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Professor Moses is an internationally recognized scholar in the field of international commercial arbitration. Her treatise on international commercial arbitration, published in 2008 by Cambridge University Press, has received favorable reviews in publications around the world. A second edition was published in 2012. Her teaching and writings are informed by her participation as an arbitrator or advocate in arbitrations under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce, Court of Arbitration, and the American Arbitration Association's International Centre for Dispute Resolution.

In addition to arbitration, her areas of interest and research include international letters of credit, international business transactions, international trade finance and the right to a jury trial. She has published numerous law review articles on both domestic and international arbitration, as well as on international letters of credit, good faith, and other topics. In addition to appearing in leading U.S. law reviews, her articles have been either published or reprinted in Australia, Switzerland, Belgium, Austria, England and India. She has been an invited speaker at national and international conferences in many different countries.

In addition, her scholarship with respect to the jury trial right in connection with Revised Article 5 of the Uniform Commercial Code (Letters of Credit) led a number of states, including New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, to adopt a non-uniform version of Article 5. The non-uniform version did not include the curtailment of the jury trial right that is contained in 5-108(e) of the uniform version. Professor Moses also served as Vice-Chair of the ABA subcommittee that worked with the ALI on Revised Article 1 of the UCC. She was invited to join the ALI in 1996. For the near future, Professor Moses' research agenda will focus primarily on domestic and international arbitration issues, as well as issues of statutory interpretation and international treaty interpretation.

Shortly after arriving at Loyola, Professor Moses began Loyola's Vis Moot Arbitration program, which sends two different teams of students to compete in Vienna and Hong Kong. Before joining the Loyola Chicago law faculty in 1998, Professor Moses practiced in New York, Paris, Milan and New Jersey. She has a J.D. degree from Columbia University School of Law and a Ph.D. degree from Indiana University. She is currently the Director of International Programs. She teaches International Commercial Arbitration, International Investment Arbitration, International Business Transactions, International Trade Finance, European Union Law, and Contracts.


B.A., magna cum laude, Agnes Scott
M.A.T., Harvard
M.A., Indiana
Ph.D., Indiana
J.D., Columbia 

Program Areas

International Commercial Arbitration and the CISG
International Treaty Arbitration
International Business Transactions
European Union Law

Selected Publications


The Principles and Practice of International Commercial Arbitration, Cambridge University Press (2008)
Second Edition, 2012

Articles and Book Chapters

Reasoned Decisions in Arbitrator Challenges, III Yearbook on International Arbitration 199 (2013)

Ethics in International Arbitration: Traps for the Unwary,
10 Loyola University Chicago International Law Review 73 (Fall/Winter 2012),

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The Impact of Revised Article 5 on Small and Mid-Sized Exporters, 29 UCC L.J. 393 (1997) 

Recent Presentations

International Arbitration, Issues in Museum Administration conference, Chicago, April 2013.

Ethic in International Arbitration, Chicago Bar Association, November, 2012

“So This is Your First International Arbitration,” Panel for ABA Conference, Chicago, IL, August 2012          

Disqualification of Arbitrators, CILS conference, Salzburg, Austria May 2012               

Ethics in International Arbitration, Loyola University School of Law, Keynote Address at Symposium of the International Law Review, January 2012          

Antisuit Injunctions in International Arbitration, Lewis and Clark School of Law, September 2011     

Antisuit Injunctions in International Arbitration, University of Missouri School of Law, October 2011          

The Supreme Court's Arbitration Jurisprudence, University of Oregon School of Law, October 2010        

Beyond Judicial Activism, When the Supreme Court is no Longer a Court, Constitutional Law Colloquium, Loyola University Chicago, November 2010

The Pretext of Textualism, Faculty Workshops at the University of Utah School of Law, and Loyola University Chicago School of Law, March 2010.

International Arbitration, video lecture for the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Motoya in Lima, Peru, November, 2009

Arbitrator Biases, ICDR conference at Santa Clara University, October, 2009

The Arbitration Fairness Act, SEALS Conference, Palm Beach Florida, August 2008

Drafting the International Arbitration Agreement, University of Nanterre, Paris, France, June 2008

Principles and Practice of International Arbitration, Chicago International Dispute Resolution Association, April 2008

Conference Panel Moderator, Award Enforcement under NAFTA, International Division of the American Arbitration Association, April 25, 2008

Presented paper on The Arbitration Clause, at Arbitration Day Conference at the University of Bologna, March 2007

Presented paper on Lowering Transaction Costs in Commercial Letters of Credit, at International Conference on Contracts, Houston, February 2007

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