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Frequently Asked Questions

Note - this page is no longer being updated. To view the updated version, please visit our Legal Research FAQs page. For copyright FAQs, please visit our updated Copyright and Courseware FAQs page.

The following are frequently asked questions pertaining to various areas of legal research.  Click on the question to link to a detailed answer.  Note that reference librarians are available for further assistance during most hours the Law Library is open. The direct phone number for the Library's Reference Desk is 312.915.7205

1.  How do I update state/federal statutes by using the print versions of the statutes? (.pdf document)

2.  I have the name of a case/statute, but no cite.  How do I find it?

3.  How do I research the legislative history of an Illinois or federal statute?

4.  How do I find Illinois and federal regulations?

5.  How do I locate a law review article?

6.  How do I find treatises on a given subject?

7.  Where is Shepard's in the library, and how do I use it?

8.  How do I locate examples of legal forms?

9.  How do I locate copies of Congressional Research Service Reports?

10.  How do I locate and cite information in the Congressional Record?

Frequently Asked Questions About Copyright

1. How do I know if the work I want to use is copyrighted?

2. Is it permissible to post journal articles on course websites?

3. How do I post a link to an article available in a Loyola subscription database on my course page?

4. Is it permissible to scan pages from the chapter and post them on my course page?

5. Is it permissible to post links to websites from my course page?

6. Is it permissible to copy material on Westlaw and post it on my TWEN page?

7. What about posting other types of materials on my course page, such as performances and displays?

8. How do I determine if something is fair use?

9. How do I get permission to put copyrighted material on my course page?

10. How long does it take to get permission to use copyrighted works?

11. Are there fees associated with requesting to use copyrighted materials?

12. Where can I find additonal information about copyright and courseware?

Frequently Asked General Questions

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