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How do I locate and cite information in the Congressional Record?

The Congressional Record is a published account of the daily activities of the U.S. Congress.  The Record includes House and Senate floor proceedings, transcripts of floor debate, notice of bills introduced, full text of conference committee reports, and Presidential actions and communications.   The Record consists of four sections: House proceedings, Senate proceedings, Extensions of Remarks, and the Daily Digest.

There are two editions of the Record--the daily edition, and a permanent bound edition.  In the daily edition, each section is paginated consecutively during each session of Congress. The pages in the daily edition are preceded by the following prefixes: S for Senate, H for House, E for Extension of Remarks, and D for Daily Digest. In the permanent edition, the text is revised and rearranged.  The pages are consecutively numbered, but there is no H, S, or E preceding the page numbers. The Daily Digest section of the daily editions is cumulated in one volume of the permanent edition. Members of Congress may make non-substantive changes before the daily and permanent editions of the Record are published. 

For information on citing material from the Congressional Record, see the section on "Citing" in Richard J. McKinney's article at  http://www.llsdc.org/sourcebook/cong-record.htm.

Accessing the Congressional Record at Loyola


Law Library Holdings

Copies of the Record in paper format are located in the main stacks at KF35 on the 4th Floor.  Copies of the Record in microfiche and microfilm format are located at KF35 in the Microform Room on the 4th Floor. 

Daily Edition  

98th Congress (1st Session/1983) - Present (PAPER) 

97th Congress (1st Session/1981) - 107th Congress (2nd Session/2002) (MICROFICHE)


Permanent Edition

94th Congress (2nd Session/1976) - 105th Congress (1st Session/February 4, 1997) (MICROFICHE)

83rd Congress (1st Session/1953) - 94th Congress (2nd Session/1976) (MICROFILM)

71st Congress (2nd Session/1930) - 82nd Congress (2nd Session/1952) (PAPER) (incomplete)

71st Congress (3rd Session/1930) - 72nd Congress (2nd Session/1933) (MICROFICHE)

64th Congress (2nd Session/1917) - 68th Congress (1st Session/1924) (PAPER) (incomplete)

51st Congress (1st Session/1890) ) (March 7, 1890 - August 1890 only) (MICROFICHE)


Indices & Daily Digest Only

95th Congress (1st Session/1977) - 104th Congress (2nd Session/1996) (incomplete)

The Law Library also has the Abridgement of the Debates of Congress from 1789 to 1856.  The call number is KF36.B42, located on the Library's 4th Floor.


Cudahy Library Holdings

Loyola's Cudahy Library also collects the Congressional Record in various formats.  See Pegasus for details on date ranges.  Cudahy also has the Record's predecessor, the Congressional Globe (published from 1833-1873) on microfilm. 

The daily edition of the Congressional Record is also available electronically in the CIS Exchange database via the Loyola University Network.  Coverage starts in 1985.


Both LexisNexis and Westlaw offer access to the daily edition of the Record for subscribers.  Coverage begins in 1985.  See each service's directory for database and file names.


World Wide Web

GPO Access

Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has posted the Record for the 43rd Congress (1873-1875).  This site also provides access to the Congressional Record's predecessors:  the Annals of Congress (covers 1789-1824), the Register of Debates (1824-1837), and the Congressional Globe (1833-1873).


Offers access to the daily edition from 1989 to the present. 

Prepared by Julienne E. Grant, 8/05.