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Where can I find additional information about copyright and courseware?

Loyola University Chicago provides general information about copyright at its web page Copyright at Loyola University Chicago. The web page includes links to information about the University's Copyright Clearance Program, copyright and library reserves, and use of copyrighted materials by faculty.  Other helpful websites include the following:

  • Know Your Copy Rights is a very useful general guide for determining permissible use of copyrighted material. The guide covers topics such as linking, licensed use, fair use, works in the public domain, and display or performance of works under the TEACH Act. Source: Association of Research Libraries.
  • Using Copyrighted Works in Your Teaching - FAQ is a helpful list of common questions and answers about copyright in an educational setting. This guide discusses typical uses of copyrighted material in face-to-face classrooms and on course web pages. The guide covers an array of topics, including use of your own copyrighted work, display or performance of a copyrighted work, licensed use, creative commons, fair use, and seeking permission. Source: Association of Research Libraries.
  • United States Copyright Office has extensive information about copyright law. In particular, its Information Circulars and Factsheets, cover numerous topics, such as works-made-for-hire, copyright duration, reproduction of works by educators and librarians, and investigating the copyright status of a work.

Prepared by Nanette Norton and Julienne Grant.