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There is a journal article that I would like to post on my course page for students to print out and read. Is this permissible?

Uploading periodical articles in electronic format into course management software, such as Blackboard or TWEN, may constitute copyright infringement. Scanning an article, or copying it from an existing digital format for use on a course page, are forms of reproduction. FN1

Note that several easy options exist for providing access to periodical articles from course pages without raising copyright concerns. The best option, if the article is available in a Loyola subscription database (e.g., Hein Online), is to ask students to individually locate the item by providing the citation and the name of the database where the article is located. Another option, if the article is available in a Loyola subscription database, is to provide a direct link to the article from your course page. Instructions on creating these links are dtailed below in Question #3 . Finally, if the article is freely available on the WWW, you can simply provide the URL (link) to the article. (Question #5 provides additional information on linking to web addresses from courseware).

Digitizing or copying an article for a course page also may be permitted in some instances under the fair use exception of copyright law. (See Copyright Essentials Question #8 below for more information on fair use). If you ultimately determine that none of the fair use exceptions apply, then you will need to seek permission to post the article through the University's Copyright Clearance Program , as explained in Question #9.

Prepared by Nanette Norton and Julienne Grant.

FN1 See Laura Gasaway "Course Management Software and Copyright," Information Outlook 7, no. 1 (January 2003) available at http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_m0FWE/is_1_7/ai_96631057.