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How do I post a link to an article available in a Loyola subscription database on my course page?

Many of the databases to which the Loyola Libraries subscribe require that you prove you are a member of the Loyola community in order to use them. If you are accessing these from on-campus, it is assumed that you are logged into a University network. In order to use these resources off campus, however, you have to log into a system (or proxy server) that allows your browser to act as if it is on campus.

Thus, in order to create a direct link from your course page to an article in a Loyola subscription database, you will need to create a "modified" link. The modified link is where you must change the link so that students can access proprietary databases and materials from any access point. To create a modified link, you can simply copy and paste the URL (link) for the article you want to use in your course page, and then add the following prefix: http://flagship.luc.edu/login?url=

Depending on the database, the link should lead directly to the article itself, or to a "flagship" screen where students will need to enter their University login and password.

Note that, no matter the kind of database you are using, you must use a "persistent link" to ensure that the link will work for the duration of the semester. A persistent link is a permanent link (one that doesn't change over time). Not all databases and electronic journals allow persistent links to be made. This is because database providers (e.g., EBSCO), which provide access to periodicals of many publishers, sometimes remove full-text access from their databases due to contractual and other changes.

Specific instructions for linking to articles from Blackboard are provided below. Law faculty who have additional questions about creating links from their course pages should contact their individual Law Library liaison.

Specific Instructions for Linking from Blackboard:

  1. Login to Blackboard and select the class to which you wish to add the link.
  2. Open the Control Panel.
  3. Select the "Content Area" where you would like to put the link.
  4. Select "External Link" and you will be asked to supply the information about the link.  The URL and Name are required, and the description is strongly encouraged.  This may be a direct link, or a modified link.
  5. Click the "Submit" button.

Prepared by Nanette Norton and Julienne Grant.