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Is it permissible to post links to websites from my course page?

Providing the URL to outlink from a course page to a resource on the open WWW is likely permissible under copyright law. FN1 However, you should be careful not to link to an infringing site to avoid any potential claims of contributory infringement. FN2

Prepared by Nanette Norton and Julienne Grant.

FN1 Ticketmaster Corp. v. Tickets.com, Inc., 2003 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 6483, at 20 (C.D. Cal. Mar. 6, 2003) ("A URL is simply an address, open to the public, like the street address of a building, which, if known, can enable the user to reach the building. There is nothing sufficiently original to make the URL a copyrightable item, especially the way it is used.").

FN2 Mary Minow and Tomas A. Lipinski, The Library's Legal Answer Book (Chicago: American Library Association, 2003), 109-114.