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How do I find Illinois and federal regulations?

Federal Regulations

Currently effective federal regulations in print are found in the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Call No. KF 70 .A34 I46, on the fourth floor of the Law Library.  They are indexed in a "Finding Aids" volume at the end of the set.  Federal regulations are also available online at the GPO website.  The easiest and most up-to-date version is the e-CFR, found at http://www.gpoaccess.gov/ecfr/.  It is browsable and searchable by keyword or Boolean searches.  While both LexisNexis (File name: CFR) and Westlaw (Database Identifier: CFR) have up-to-date CFR databases, the e-CFR is comparable in coverage, and it?s free.  Federal regulations are updated daily by the Federal Register, which is also available free online at http://www.archives.gov/federal_register/index.html

as well as in LexisNexis (File name: FEDREG) and Westlaw (Database Identifier: FR).

Illinois Regulations

Illinois regulations in print are not easily accessible.  There is a print version, known as Weil?s Code of Illinois Rules, Call No. KFI 1235 .A49.  However, it is a cumbersome set to use, and requires a lot of updating in the Illinois Register.  Its primary utility is if a paper source for a known cite is required.  For that reason, it?s much more practical to find Illinois regulations on the web.  The best free version is at: http://www.ilga.gov/commission/jcar/admincode/titles.html   

It is published on the General Assembly website by the Joint Committee on Administrative Rules (JCAR), and is browsable by title and searchable.  LexisNexis (File name: ILADMN) and Westlaw (Database Identifier: IL-ADC) both have up-to-date versions of the IAC, but the free JCAR version is generally a good place to start.  The IAC is updated daily by the Illinois Register.  The online versions are updated automatically to include new regulations from the Illinois Register, which is another good reason to go to them rather than the print version.

Prepared by C. Frederick LeBaron, Jr., 8/05.