Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Moot Court Awards and Honors (2012-2013)

2012 National Health Law Moot Court Competition

Team 1: National Champions, Best Brief, Best Advocate

James D'Angelo- Best Advocate
Carrie Gilbert

Team 2: National Quarterfinalists

Eric Olson
Dayna LaPlante


2012 Appellate Lawyers Association Moot Court Competitions

National Champions, Best Brief, 3rd Place Advocate

Brandon Carnes- Best Advocate

Ivan Settimba


2013 J. Braxton Craven Moot Court Competition

National Champions

Jamie Levin
Eli Litoff


2012 Thomas Tang Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Champions, Regional Best Brief, Regional Best Advocate, National Quarterfinalists, National 3rd Place Advocate

Sabena Auyeung- Regional Best Advocate

Diana Chen- National 3rd Place Advocate


Team 2: Regional Finalists, Regional 2md Place Brief, Regional 2nd Place Advocate, National 2nd Place Brief

Michael Tien- Regional 2nd Place Advocate
Ashley Cruz


2012-13 National Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Champions, Regional Best Advocate, Regional Best Brief, National Quarterfinalists

Maeve Kendall- Best Advocate

Shepard Simpson

Brian Hendricks


Team 2: Regional Semifinalists

Sean Hennessy

Maria Laftchiyska

Mike Hohenadel


2013 National Moot Court Competition in Child Welfare and Adoption Law

Team 1: Best Brief, Best Advocate, National Semifinalists

Kelly Pendergast
Elizabeth Gresk- Best Advocate,


Team 2: National Quarterfinalists

Elizabeth Scannell
Caitlyn Sharrow


2013 Jessup International Moot Court Competition

Regional Finalists, advanced to international rounds

Laura Knittle
Shelley Bethune
Sarah Bourdet
Emily Vaughan
Joe Gavin


2013 Wagner National Labor & Employment Law Moot Court Competition

Best Advocate

Nidhi Srivastava- Best Advocate

Eric Stein


2013 ABA National Appellate Advocacy Competition

Team 1: Regional Finalists, 2nd Place Brief

Lauren Parker
Steven Montalto
Matt Jones


Team 2: 3rd Place Advocate
David Axelson
Sunethra Muralidhara- 3rd Place Advocate
Steven Lupa


2013 National Tax Moot Court Competition

2nd Place Brief, National Quarterfinalists

Jon Morton
Camille Sargent


2013 Giles Sutherland Rich Moot Court Competition

Regional Semifinalists

Keri Schaubert

Katie Lyons


2012 Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition

3rd Place Brief

Larry Robertson
Melina Rozzisi


2013 Saul Lefkowitz Moot Court Competition

Regional quarterfinalists, 4th Place Brief

Helena Berezowskyj

Ken Hudson

Jillian Steinberg

Daniel Regan