Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Moot Court Awards and Honors (2005-2006)

2005-2005 New York Bar Association

National Moot Court Competition

Team 1: National Octo-finalists, Regional Champions, Regional Best Oralist,

Regional Best Petitioner Brief

Matthew Becker

Carly Berard - Best Oralist

James Gillingham

Team 2: Regional Best Respondent Brief

Jennifer Crook

Sara Gadola

Devan Popat


National Child Welfare and Adoption Law

Moot Court Competition

Team 1: National Champions, Best Oralists in Final Round,

Third Place Brief, Ninth Place Oralist in Preliminary Round

Dina Rachford - Best Oralist

Katie Vannucci - Best Oralist

Team 2: Best Oralist in Preliminary Rounds, Eighth Place Oralist in

Preliminary Rounds

Megan Kerby - Best Oralist

Kellie Selleman - Eighth Place Oralist


2005 Illinois Appellate Lawyers Association Midwest Moot

Court Competition

Competition Champions, Best Oralist

Keith Bergin

Lisa Natter - Best Oralist

2005 Thomas Tang National Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Champion, Regional Best Oralist, Regional Second

Place Brief, Advanced to National Competition

Dan Hwang

Rich Lee- Best Oralist

Team 2: Regional Finalists, Advanced to National Competition

Tina Rao

Cindy Tsai

2006 American Bar Association

National Appellate Advocacy Competition

Team 1: Regional Champions, Regional Best Oralist,

Advanced to National Competition

Chance Cooper - Best Oralist

Jeanna Palmer

2006 Chicago Bar Association Moot Court Competition

Competition Finalists, Best Oralist, Second Place Brief

Mark Criniti

Abigail Peluso

Sara Robinson- Best Oralist

2005-2006 Niagara International Moot Court Competition

Competition Finalist, Best Argument Applicant, Third Place Oralist

Beata Leja - Third Place Oralist

Ryan Muma

Mariateresa Schiappa

Michelle Schindler - Best Argument Applicant

2006 Robert F. Wagner Labor & Employment

Moot Court Competition

Competition Semi-finalists

Daniel Farris

Jim Ryan

2007 Philip C. Jessup International Law

Moot Court Competition

Regional Semi-finalists, Oralist Award

Elizabeth Marbaugh

Hilary O'Connor

Malini Rao

Anna Woodworth - Oralist Award

2007 Evan A. Evans

Constitutional Law Moot Court Competition

Competition Quarterfinalists, Second Place Oralist

Brian Bare - Second Place Oralist

Carolyn Cox

2006 Frederick Douglass Moot Court Competition

Team 1: Regional Semi-finalists, Advanced to National Competition

Clemon Ashley

Dennericka Brooks

Team 2: Regional Semi-finalists, Best Petitioner Brief

Ebone Liggins

Ashley Nall

2005-2006 Giles Sutherland Rich Intellectual Property

Moot Court Competition

Quarterfinalists, Best Appellant Brief

Corrine Bruder

Josh Runnels

2005 National Health Law Competition

Team 1: Second Place Brief

Cavan Doyle

Christina Wiles

Team 2: Sixth Place Brief

Tanya Dworkin

Charisse Logarta