ALUMNI PROFILE Theresa Cross (LLM ’19)

Professional pivot

Theresa Cross (LLM ’19) changed careers, thanks to Loyola’s Master of Laws in Health Law program

After working in family law and criminal defense for years, Theresa Cross (LLM ’19) wanted a career change. She dove back into her original law interest: health law. To gain the knowledge for a professional pivot, she pursued Loyola University Chicago’s LLM in Health Law and now enjoys a thriving career as an associate in the Health Care and Professional Associations Group at Vedder Price.

WHAT DO YOU DO? I work as a transactional and regulatory healthcare attorney. What that means is I assist healthcare entities with merger and acquisition transactions. These transactions can include representing the buyer or seller of a hospital or healthcare practice. Because healthcare is such a regulated industry, I also assist clients in complying with the numerous rules and regulations to avoid any criminal penalties and civil liabilities. When we analyze an entity for a potential transaction, we also need to analyze whether the entity is in compliance with the numerous healthcare rules and regulations. If the entity is not in compliance, that would be something we would need to address before the deal can close.

The other big piece of my job is assisting professional trade association with any of their general counsel legal needs such as reviewing numerous types of agreements and assisting with corporate governance matters.


“The full-time health law LLM program is a great program for someone who is looking to switch legal fields or get a very focused health law education.”

HOW DID LOYOLA PREPARE YOU FOR A CAREER TRANSITION? The program really prepared me for the next steps in my career. Before I started at Loyola, the only healthcare law I had really heard of was HIPAA [Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996], and I had never taken any classes on transactional work whatsoever; now I work on advanced regulatory issues with complex regulatory schemes and have a great foundational understanding of healthcare transactions.

The full-time health law LLM program is a great program for someone who is looking to switch legal fields or get a very focused health law education. You really get to immerse yourself in health law, and you can tailor your education to meet your career goals


Loyola ranks #3 in health care law according to U.S. News & World Report


Courses in health law available to LLM students


Students can complete the program in one of two ways—on campus or online

WHAT MAKES LOYOLA STAND OUT? Loyola’s health law program is nationally ranked and has a very strong regional presence. I knew that I wanted to continue working and living in the Chicago area, so I felt that Loyola would not only give me an edge in the health law world but also in the Chicagoland job market.

Loyola's Faculty really want to help you succeed, whether alerting you with job opportunities, helping you prepare for interviews, or even introducing you to attorneys in the field. They really devote a lot of time and effort to their students—even after they graduate—which is something you do not find at other law schools. 

Loyola has had a tremendous impact on my legal career by not only assisting me in a significant career shift, but Loyola has also allowed me to fulfill my goal to help law students by allowing me to mentor those wishing to also make such a change.


Nationally recognized as a leading center devoted to the study of health care law, Loyola’s Beazley Institute of Health Law and Policy educates health law leaders and policymakers through a curriculum grounded in transactional, regulatory, life science, and public health and policy issues. The Institute supports the JD certificate in health law, Master of Jurisprudence in Health Law, Master of Laws in Health Law, and it creates networking, symposia, clinician, and research opportunities for students. Learn More