Loyola University Chicago

School of Law


Meghan Murphy (1L)

Meghan Murphy (1L)

Mokena, IL

BA, English Literature, Public Relations & Business Law
University of Miami

In five words or less, why did you choose Loyola for law school?

Chicago legal market, congenial community

What do you like best about Loyola:

One of my favorite aspects about Loyola is its central location. Located in the heart of Chicago, Loyola’s Water Tower Campus offers many benefits. The CTA Red Line stop one block from the Corboy Law Center makes it easy to get to and from school from my apartment. It also makes it very quick to get into the Loop, which is where a number of networking events are held during the school year. I also found that the location of the school combined with no class on Fridays (ever!) helped me secure my current job.  It was attractive to employers to have a candidate with a schedule and school location that was structured to balance work and academics.

Favorite law professor and why:

Professor Alexander Tsesis teaches Constitutional Law. He is very approachable and interesting to talk to about class-related topics, as well as other topics, including his previous practice experience.

Areas of interest:

Business Law, Real Estate Law

Extra-curricular activities:

I am an event coordinator for Dancers for Cancer (dancersforcancer.ca) and a 1L Student Ambassador

Loyola provides various services to ensure students have a positive experience during their first year of law school. One such service that I found to be extremely helpful is the tutor program.  At least one tutor is assigned to each 1L class.  They are there to help the class and professor in any way that they can, and also hold their own office hours once a week. In addition to being invaluable academic advisors, my tutors have been helpful aids outside of the classroom. They have helped to answer questions regarding what classes to take, how to go about finding a job, and how to connect with a faculty member. They have also given me some pretty good advice on how to find the right balance between law school, work, and my life in general.

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