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Michael Kaufman appointed interim dean

Michael Kaufman appointed interim dean

Michael J. Kaufman has been appointed interim dean of Loyola University Chicago School of Law. He assumed the position on July 1, 2016, following the departure of Dean David Yellen. A member of the Loyola law faculty since 1986, and associate dean for academic affairs since 2005, Kaufman has devoted his entire professional life to the service of others and is renowned for his efforts to create greater educational diversity and equity at all levels of learning—from birth to the bar exam. He has published dozens of books and countless law review articles in the four areas of his expertise: education law and policy, securities regulation and litigation, civil procedure, and jurisprudence.

His casebook Education Law, Policy, and Practice: Cases and Materials (Aspen 1st ed. 2005, 2d ed. 2009, 3d ed. 2013) is one of the leading texts in both law school and graduate school classes devoted to education law and policy. Kaufman’s particular expertise in early childhood education and student learning is reflected in a book he coauthored, Learning Together: The Law, Policy, Pedagogy, Economics and Neuroscience of Early Childhood Education (Rowman & Littlefield, 2015), and in his newest book, The Pre-K Home Companion: Learning the Importance of Early Childhood Education and Choosing the Best Program for Your Family (Rowman & Littlefield, 2016). Kaufman also created and directs Loyola’s Education Law and Policy Institute.

His influential publications in the area of securities regulation and litigation include two new treatises, Rule 10b-5 Private Securities Fraud Litigation (West, 2016) and Blue Sky Law (West, 2016), and a new casebook, Securities Litigation: Law, Policy, and Practice (Carolina Academic Press, 2016). Kaufman’s multi-volume treatise entitled Securities Litigation: Damages, first published by West in 1989, is now in its 27th edition. Kaufman founded and directs Loyola’s Institute for Investor Protection. Kaufman also has published the most widely used treatise in Illinois civil litigation, Illinois Civil Trial Procedure, now in its 16th edition. He also coauthored the textbook Learning Civil Procedure (West, 2015).

Kaufman was elected to three terms on the board of education of a large, diverse school district in the Chicago area, serving as the board’s president and vice president. He has won awards for his teaching and for his public service. He is also an expert consultant to federal and state regulators and a public arbitrator for securities disputes, and he delivers bar examination review lectures for thousands of law students throughout the country each year.