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Student Spotlight - Storm Saporano (2L)

Student Spotlight
Storm Saporano
Externship Location
Cook Country Department of Revenue

This semester I have worked as an extern with the Cook County Department of Revenue under the guidance and direction of Special Assistant for Legal Affairs Allison MarshallDavidson. I have learned a lot about the collection of Cook County Home Rule and various other Cook County taxes and fees that generate revenue allowing the second largest county in the country to function.

It has been a rewarding process to work with the tax ordinances in the various stages of the collection process. My fellow externs and I have been able attended several administrative hearings regarding tobacco and use tax violations that are occurring within the county. Currently we are working on a project that will allow us to bring any outstanding administrative hearing decisions over to the Circuit Court in bulk for further action. I have worked on a project involving the editing of a current tax ordinance. Finally, I was able to participate on a field visit during a tobacco tax inspection occurring in the county. The aggregation of these experiences has allowed me to gain an in-depth understanding of the County and our interaction with other government entities at both the state and municipal level.

I am extremely grateful for the opportunity to participate in the Loyola Extern Program. The hands-on experience that I have had this summer will be extremely beneficial as I continue with my legal career. Additionally, the guided class discussions have enhanced all of my on sight learning as I have learned through the experiences of my peers as well. I highly recommend that anyone even remotely curious in the Extern Program, go speak with Josie Gough– she is a great mentor and an amazing advocate to have in your corner.