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As a Georgia Reithal Professor of Law and member of the Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy, Paradise’s research interests span innovation and FDA regulation in the areas of precision medicine, gene editing, and biosimilar biologics. 

Why is the intersection of law and life sciences such an important, emerging field?

Life science law is really a spectrum of legal issues spanning the life cycle of health care and medical products.  It starts with scientific research and innovation leading into product development, clinical trials, regulatory approval, and eventual consumer and professional use on the market.  Legal topics in the life science realm are wide-ranging: contracts and transactional law, intellectual property, privacy law, product liability law, human subjects research protections, and regulatory review and approval, to name a few.

How did you become interested in life sciences?

I was a student and tech assistant in a neuroscience laboratory during my undergraduate studies and prior to entering law school.  I began to understand the complexity of standards and regulations that applied to the research setting, and how intellectual property and technology transfer considerations were drivers of commercial development of medical products.

“We attract students from across the country and internationally, which provides a breadth of perspectives and fosters dynamic discussions within the classroom. ”

What do you like best about teaching at Loyola?

The amazing geographical location of the law school within the heart of Chicago and the diverse, talented student body drawn to Loyola.  We attract students from across the country and internationally, which provides a breadth of perspectives and fosters dynamic discussions within the classroom. 

Why is Loyola University Chicago a good choice for health law? 

The Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy supports a vast on-campus and online curriculum for JD students, as well as a large MJ and LLM student population.  Students can write and edit for Annals of Health Law & the Life Sciences, participate in the Health Justice Project, attend symposia and events, and network with a vibrant community of health lawyers and health law students.

Forthcoming Article

“Regulating Nanomedicine at the Food & Drug Administration,” 21(4) AMA Journal of Ethics E347 (2019).

This article surveys current law as applied to nanomedicine, identify FDA policy and initiatives to adapt regulatory strategies to nanotechnology innovation, discuss relevant nanomedicine products, and identify real-time and future challenges in regulation.

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