A penchant for leadership

Student Bar Association president Abigail Magat is well prepared as she takes the helm

In 2021, Loyola’s Curt and Linda Rodin Center for Social Justice launched a pilot program in which select 1Ls interned with local public interest organizations. Abigail Magat, newly arrived from San Francisco, was among those chosen to participate. As an intern at Equip for Equality, she could opt to conduct client intakes or research. But Abigail asked if she could do both.

During her two years at the School of Law, Abigail has excelled in her courses while holding numerous leadership positions in student organizations, helming legal publications and symposiums, and working at various jobs and internships.

“Loyola Law is just such a supportive environment,” she says. “I think the administration does a great job in choosing really well-rounded students, and the environment itself allows you to succeed.”

Below, Abigail discusses three of her leadership experiences.

Director of Development, Stand Up For Each Other (SUFEO), 2022-23
Volunteer, Stand Up For Each Other, 2021-23

“Through SUFEO, we offer free services for low-income PreK-12 families facing issues around special education, bullying, suspension, discrimination, and other issues in school. I was fortunate to get my 711 license, which is basically your ‘baby lawyer’ license, so you can represent clients under the supervision of an attorney. It was very rewarding. I prepared for hearings, led individualized educational plan meetings, mediated with schools, conducted investigations, and partnered with other legal organizations in Chicago.”

President, Student Bar Association, 2023-24

“I’m excited to access more priority time with the administration to push certain initiatives and also create new ones. For example, we’d like to increase the focus on mental health. I’m part of a law students stress support group, but I’d like to see the SBA create a stronger relationship with the Lawyers’ Assistance Program, which has its own counselors and mental health resources.

“We’re also planning to move our weekly bar reviews (i.e., social outings), beyond bars—to places like bowling alleys, concerts or movie theaters. I want to make sure we continue to be an inclusive community, including for students who don’t drink.”

“Loyola Law is just such a supportive environment.”

President, First Generation Law Students, 2022-23

“As president, I helped ensure that first-generation students and attorneys were well represented in student organizations and spaces on campus. We held two to three events every month. I contacted every student organization and asked if they would be willing to collaborate on events featuring first-generation panelists or guests. It’s so important for students to hear those perspectives. And now I’m working with the Law School Admission Council to create a national organization for first-generation law students. It’s exciting that Loyola is leading this work!” –Kelsey Schagemann (August 2023)


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