STUDENT PROFILE Cecelia Towns-Scott

Bright future

Cecelia Towns-Scott explores new career paths through the Weekend JD program

Law runs in Cecelia Towns-Scott’s family. Her grandfather—born in 1898—worked as a pro-bono criminal lawyer in his Hyde Park community. “He was an African-American guy, but fair-skinned,” says Towns-Scott. “He was able to find work, because at that time, he could pass [as white.]” Inspired by her grandfather, Towns-Scott told her mom she wanted to be an attorney when she was 11 years old. Now, she follows in his footsteps as a candidate in Loyola University Chicago School of Law’s Weekend JD Program. 

As a new mom with a full-time job, Towns-Scott was worried about how school would fit into her life. “I didn’t want to pay for daycare with student loans,” she says. So she enrolled in the Weekend JD Program, a part-time program designed to fit with students’ busy lives. In her second month of law school, she found out she was pregnant with her second child. “I’ve been really surprised at how collaborative [the weekend program] is, and how helpful everybody is,” she says. “The faculty and staff are really willing to work with you.”

“The faculty and staff are really willing to work with you.”

The Weekend JD Program’s flexible structure allowed Towns-Scott to continue working as a post-secondary career coach at Chicago’s Kenwood Academy. Fifteen years in education steered her toward law school. She wanted to learn more about how to better serve her students. “You hear a lot about students’ legal rights. We have to protect students,” she says. “It really piqued my interest in the legal side of education.” 

The wide variety of Loyola law classes introduced Towns-Scott to possible new career paths, and she’s now considering a career shift. “I am absolutely fascinated with research and contracts and sales and probate,” she says. “I just eat it up.”

In the Weekend JD Program, Towns-Scott found flexible, encouraging professors and staff. She also found peers who understand the demands of balancing work, life, and law school.

“Everybody has a life. We’re working full time, we have families,” she says. “I’ve been surprised at how accommodating the people of the program have been, while still holding me at a very high standard to be a successful attorney.” –Megan Kirby



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