Welcoming our new students

Loyola is pleased to welcome a highly qualified and diverse class of JD students entering in fall 2019. The School of Law values the stronger community that comes with a broad range of perspectives, experiences, and backgrounds. Here is a profile of our newest students:

Full-time students 215
Weekend JD students 47
Colleges & universities represented 136
States represented 35
Students of color 26%
Female students 54%
First generation students 18%
Students from outside of Illinois 51%
Average age 25
25th/50th/75th percentile GPA 3.20/3.40/3.58
25th/50th/75th percentile LSAT 157/159/161


Loyola awarded three scholarships this fall to qualified admitted students with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) immigration status


of our students hold advanced degrees


Number of majors represented

Data as of August 19, 2019