Compliance: A critical thread

New York attorney gains specialized training to better serve her clients

An attorney and lobbyist practicing law in Albany, New York, Mishka Woodley enrolled in Loyola’s online LLM in Health Law degree program to build upon her expertise and experience in health law and bioethics. She’s also gaining specialized training in the complex and ever-evolving area of compliance by earning a Certificate in Compliance Studies. “The courses that I’ve taken at Loyola are timely and relevant to the issues my clients are facing, which gives me the opportunity to serve them more effectively.”

Why did you choose to concentrate your studies in compliance?

As organizational frameworks, business operations, and human engagement grow more complex, compliance in all industries and at all employee levels is more critical than ever.  Risks of significant economic and social harm are more prevalent—especially as related to conflicts of interest, fraud, privacy violations, information security breaches, and cyberattacks.  Studying compliance enhances my ability to help clients mitigate risk and effectively address perceived and actual violations as they arise.

In your opinion, what are the most important skills and areas of knowledge you have acquired while studying compliance?

Compliance professionals are often forced to act in response to ever-changing laws which often fail to convey clear details on how to execute a particular requirement.  My compliance studies at Loyola have enhanced my understanding of the progression of laws and regulations and further developed my ability to strategically balance critical organizational needs with client goals.

How has what you have learned impacted your current position? 

I work for a private government affairs firm which represents diverse for-profit and nonprofit entities. Chief executives of health care entities, including hospitals, associations, health facilities and homes, and nonprofits, strongly rely on our vast expertise when navigating legal, administrative and legislative issues.  Furthermore, our non-health care clients depend on us to advise them when health care issues impact them, explicitly or implicitly.

What about the compliance field excites you?

Compliance is a crucial thread that holds the tapestry of an organization together and strengthens its culture, reputation, and potential for economic growth, thus laying the foundation for success.  Integrated health care and joint ventures, enhanced by technology, have opened the door to great opportunities for innovation through the creation and reinterpretation of law and regulations. My decision to enroll in Loyola’s nationally recognized health law and compliance program has been a worthwhile investment.

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