STUDENT PROFILE Jennifer Thurmond

Expanding career options

Student builds skills, knowledge, and network

As a family nurse practitioner, Jennifer Thurmond was familiar with how compliance and the law influenced her work. After speaking with an attorney who focused his practice in the ever-changing field of health law, Thurmond felt that specialized training could be pivotal to her thriving medical career. An online master's degree offered by Loyola’s nationally renowned health law program--ranked #2 in the country by U.S. News & World Report--was the perfect fit.

Why did you choose to pursue the MJ in Health Law degree?

I was looking to advance in my career and decided this program could give me important tools I couldn’t find elsewhere. I have always been interested in the interplay between health care and the laws that guide it. The program is tailored to working professionals, and the professors understand and have worked in all aspects of the health law field.

Before you began, did you have any legal experience?

I had no legal experience. The first semester of the program was a bit of a transition because the course requires students to read and understand statutes and case law. I had little understanding of case law and its importance within our legal system. However, the professors and staff want students to succeed and have provided me with the guidance needed to succeed in the program. 

Describe the online learning experience.

I am surprised at how connected I felt to the professors and classmates despite this being an online program. My fellow classmates bring a wealth of knowledge to class and online discussions. The online program is incredibly user friendly. Online learning allows unlimited access to lectures and materials.

How do you expect the program will impact your career?

I plan to find a position that allows me to integrate the content of the program with the knowledge I acquired from the years I’ve spent providing patient care.

As a part-time student, has your employer supported you as you balance school and work?

Yes, my employer supports my pursuit of this degree through tuition reimbursement and schedule flexibility to attend the Education Immersion Weekends.

Have you had an “a-ha! moment” that made you realize pursuing this degree has been worthwhile for you?

Each semester I have that moment! I am receiving information and learning how to process these new ideas in very practical ways—it’s been worth all the time and energy.


Loyola ranked 2nc in the country in health care law by U.S. News and World Report in the 2019 specialty rankings.


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