Finding his niche

Loyola’s compliance program helps prepare COO for his next act

When Ted Hans was 19 and flunking out of college, his father gave him three options: get serious about school, get a job, or get out of the house. “I chose door #2,” Hans says, and went to work for Merrill Lynch as a clerk. He spent the next 40 years climbing the corporate ladder at firms working in mutual fund management, human resources, and operations. Now, as chief operating officer and chief compliance officer at Perkins Investment Management, LLC, Hans says Loyola’s MJ in Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management is preparing him for his next career move.

Climbing the corporate ladder: Hans gained experience and knowledge in finance by starting at the bottom. As a clerk, he learned the ins and outs of financial brokerage firms, which led to more and more opportunities. Wanting a more substantive role in his 30s, he applied everywhere—submitting more than 100 resumes—until Perkins Investment Management, LLC, hired him. He’s been there nearly 27 years.

About Hans’ job: In his role at an investment advisory firm that manages mutual funds, private funds, separate accounts, and model-based accounts in the equity markets, Hans oversees all noninvestment functions of the firm, manages the organization’s strategic vision, and handles day-to-day operations. Hans also is a firm partner



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faculty, all experts in areas of compliance


online courses focusing on compliance

“The MJ program will prepare and position me for success.”

Lifelong learner: In addition to completing five financial services certifications, Hans earned his bachelor’s degree while working and raising a family. Now he’s enrolled in Loyola’s online MJ in Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management, which allows him to complete the program while continuing his highly demanding job.

Hans’ next move: “The next and last phase of my career will be as an independent consultant to investment advisors, broker dealers, and wealth management firms,” he says. “Compliance and enterprise risk management is a necessity in public and private business,” he says, adding that these needs have “increased greatly in the last five years and will grow unabated for the foreseeable future. Compliance and risk management will be a key component of my business.”

Why Loyola’s program: “The MJ in Compliance and Enterprise Risk Management is a unique, comprehensive, niche program tailored for people interested in progressing in their current careers and people interested in exploring a new career path,” he says. “The MJ program will prepare and position me for success.”


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