Faculty Advisors: John Breen

For many the phrase lawyer-saint is an oxymoron, a contradiction in terms, but we know better, not only do we have our patrons, St. Thomas More and St. Ivo, but we have seen the lawyer-saints in the courthouses and offices of Chicago, many anonymously practicing charity and law side-by-side, others more visible, holding high office, serving God while also serving their fellow man.

The goals of the Catholic Lawyers Guild are:

  • Provide a vehicle for Catholic law students to discuss legal issues in light of Christian principles and the Catholic Faith Tradition
  • Present liturgy opportunities for Catholic law students
  • Facilitate the transition from law school to practice through networking opportunities with members of the Catholic Lawyers Guild of Chicago and through guest speakers
  • Create opportunities for outreach in the interests of peace and justice

The Loyola chapter of the Chicago Catholic Lawyers Guild aspires to provide a venue for Catholics to strengthen their faith and discuss being a Catholic and an attorney, while providing information and answering questions for non-Catholics. We plan on having many social events, fundraisers, speakers, and other activities this year in hopes to bring Catholics and non-Catholics together.

We hope to see you at one of our events this year!