Loyola University Chicago

School of Law

Getting Started with Using Loyola Law School Systems

Law School Computer Policy - Policies for using Loyola lab computers and terminals.

Managing your login IDs - Explains what IDs can be used for and how to setup your ability to change your own password.

Temporary Network Space - Explains how to use temporary network space for students.

Using Gryphon Services - Explains how to configure your laptop to use the Law School’s wireless network and printing services in the library.

Using the Outlook Web-Based Client - Explains how to access your Loyola email account from off campus.

Setting up rules in Outlook - Explains how to setup rules in your email mailbox. This could be used to forward your Loyola mail to another mail account.

Owning and Managing Shared Email Accounts‌ – Describes the responsibilities of the owner of a shared email account.

Accessing and Using Shared Email Accounts in Outlook – Gives instructions to shared email account owners and authorized users on: how to set up and use the account on the Windows and Macintosh Outlook Desktop Clients; how to use the account via the Outlook web page from a web browser on any computer; how to use a shared account on a mobile device; and issues to be aware of when using a shared account.

Recommended Specifications for purchasing a new laptop - Provides recommended guidelines for purchasing a new laptop.