LOYOLA UNIVERSITY CHICAGO SCHOOL of LAW (2016 Winter Magazine) - page 20-21

John Bronsteen,
Happiness and the
(University of Chicago Press,
2014) (with Buccafusco and Masur).
Sacha Coupet,
Children, Sexuality,
and the Law
(NYU Press, 2015).
James Gathii, Wing-Tat Lee
Chair in International Law,
Regional Trade Agreements as Legal
(Cambridge University Press,
2013 ed.).
Cynthia Ho, Clifford E. Vickrey
Research Professor,
Civil Procedure:
An Interactive Guide
(Carolina Press,
forthcoming 2016) (with Upchurch
and Gilles); and
Access to Medicine in
the Global Economy: International
Agreements on Patents and Related
(Oxford University Press, 2011).
Michael Kaufman, Associate Dean
for Academic Affairs,
Together: The Law, Policy, Economics,
Pedagogy, and Neuroscience of Early
Childhood Education
(Rowman &
Littlefield, 2015) (with S. Kaufman
and Nelson);
Rule 10b-5 Private
Securities Fraud Litigation
2015) (with Wunderlich);
Civil Procedure
(2d ed., West, 2015)
(with Baicker-McKee, Coleman, Herr,
and Stempel);
Teacher’s Manual to
Learning Civil Procedure
(2d ed., West,
2015) (with Baicker-McKee, Coleman,
Herr, and Stempel);
Law, Policy, and Practice: Cases and
(3d ed., Aspen, 2013) (with
S. Kaufman);
Teacher’s Manual to
Education Law, Policy, and Practice:
Cases and Materials
(3d ed., Aspen,
2013) (with S. Kaufman);
Illinois Civil
Trial Procedure
(15th ed., West, 2014-
Depositions: Law, Strategy, and
(West, 2015) (with Lisnek);
Expert Witnesses: Securities Cases
(West, 2013-14). His multivolume
treatise entitled
Securities Litigation:
, first published by West in
1989, is now in its 26th edition.
Jeffrey Kwall, Kathleen and Bernard
Beazley Research Professor,
The Federal Income Taxation of
Corporations, Partnerships, Limited
Liability Companies, and Their Owners
(5th ed., University Casebook Series,
Foundation Press, forthcoming 2016);
The Tax Consequences of Contingent
Payment Transactions
BNA, Tax Management US Income
Portfolio Series, No. 566, 2014)
(with Schally);
The Federal Income
Taxation of Corporations, Partnerships,
Limited Liability Companies, and
Their Owners
(4th ed., University
Casebook Series, Foundation Press,
2012); and
Fundamentals of Modern
Property Law
(6th ed., Foundation
Press, 2011) (coauthored).
Richard Michael (BS ’55, JD ’58),
Civil Procedure Before Trial
(2d ed.,
West, 2011).
Margaret Moses,
Principles and
Practice of International Commercial
(2d ed., Cambridge
University Press, 2012).
Thomas McInerney, Distinguished
PROLAW Scholar in Residence,
Strategic Treaty Management:
Practice and Implications
University Press, 2015).
Charles Murdock (JD ’63),
Business Organizations
(2d ed.,
West, 2012).
Nanette Norton,
Trademark Practice
Throughout the World
(rev. ed.,
Thomson Reuters Westlaw, 2012).
John Nowak, Raymond and Mary
Simon Chair in Constitutional
Treatise on Constitutional Law:
Substance and Procedure
(5th ed., vols.
1, 2, and 3 and supps. to vols. 4, 5, and
6, 2012; 5th ed., vols. 4, 5, and 6 and
supps. to vols. 1, 2, and 3, 2013) (with
Rotunda) (available at Westlaw, as
updated through June 2012, as
“CONLAW” database).
Juan F. Perea,
Race and Races: Cases
and Resources for a Diverse America
(3d ed., West Academic Publishing,
2015) (with Delgado, Harris, Stefancic,
andWildman); and associated
Teacher’s Manual
Steven Ramirez, Associate
Dean for Faculty Research and
Too Big to Indict
(NYU Press, forthcoming 2016)
(with M. Ramirez); and
Capitalism: The Subprime Crisis and
the Case for an Economic Rule of Law
(NYU Press, 2012).
Alan Raphael,
Criminal Procedure:
From Bail to Jail
(Tower Publishing
Company, 2012).
Anne-Marie Rhodes,
Art Law and
Transactions: Teacher’s Manual
(Carolina Academic Press, 2012) and
Art Law and Transactions
Academic Press, 2011).
Allen Shoenberger,
New Illinois
Rules of Evidence
(Illinois State Bar
Association, 2011).
Lawrence Singer,
Careers in Health
(American Bar Association, 2014)
(with Bess and Finn); and
The Law of
Medical Practice in Illinois
(3d ed., vols.
21 and 22, Thomson Reuters, 2013)
(with Kane and Silverman).
Alexander Tsesis,
(Oxford University Press,
forthcoming 2016); and
For Liberty
and Equality: The Life and Times of the
Declaration of Independence
University Press, 2012, Audible Audio
Edition 2013, paperback 2014).
Spencer Waller,
and American Business Abroad
(4th ed., Thomson Reuters, 2015)
(with Fiebig);
Brands, Competition
Law, and IP
(Cambridge University
Press, 2015) (with Desai and Lianos);
Antitrust and American Business
(3d ed., Thomson/West,
2009-14); and
International Trade
and U.S. Antitrust Law
(2d ed., 2009-
15) (with Kessler).
Michael Zimmer,
Discrimination: Selected Cases
and Statutes, 2014
(Aspen, 2014)
(with Sullivan andWhite);
and Materials on Employment
(8th ed., Aspen, 2013)
(with Sullivan andWhite); and
Global Workplace: International and
Comparative Employment Law
(2d ed.,
Aspen, 2012) (with Blanpain, Bisom-
Rapp, Corbett, and Josephs).
Mary Ann Becker,
the Tethered Generation: Net Gens
Come to Law School,” 53
Law Review
9 (2015).
Loyola faculty members are active authors, speakers, consultants, and mentors. Through their writing and public speaking,
School of Law faculty members advance the state of human knowledge. Here are some of their recent contributions.
Emily Benfer,
“Health Justice: A
Framework (and Call to Action) for
the Elimination of Health Inequity
and Social Injustice,” 65
University Law Review
2 (forthcoming
2015); “When Poverty Is the Diagnosis:
Six Stories that Exemplify the Health
Effects of Living Without on the
Individual,” 4
Indiana Journal of Law &
Social Equality
1 (forthcoming 2015)
(with Walsh); “Educating the Next
Generation of Health Law Leaders:
Medical-Legal Partnership and
Interdisciplinary Graduate Education,”
Journal of Legal Medicine
(2014); and “Honoring a Common
Humanity: Maxims for Achieving
Social Justice,” 19
Loyola Public Interest
Law Reporter
147 (2014).
John Blum, John J. Waldron
Research Professor,
the Parameters of Public Health in
a Time of Hobby Lobby and Ebola:
The Case for a Wellness Account,”
Belmont Law Review
“Non-Discrimination and the Role
of Complementary and Alternative
Medicine,” 23
Health Law Reporter
574 (2014); “Hospital-Physician
Oxford Book of
American Health Law
(with Voss and Mathis); and “The
Naprapath in the Rainforest,” 17
Nexus Journal of Law and Public
101 (2014).
John Breen,
“The Forgotten
Jurisprudential Debate: Legal
Realism and Catholic Legal Thought’s
Response,” 98
Marquette Law Review
(2015) (with Strang); “A Brief
History of American Catholic Legal
Education: The Arc of an Uncertain
American Law From a
Catholic Perspective: Through a Clearer
(R. Rychlak, ed.) (2014) (with
Strang); and “Abortion, Religion, and
the Accusation of Establishment: A
Critique of Justice Stevens’ Opinions
, and
,” 39
Ohio Northern Law Review
John Bronsteen, “
The Overlooked
Benefits of the Blackstone Principle,”
Harvard Law Review Forum
289 (2015) (with Masur); and “Well-
Being and Public Policy,”
The Oxford
Handbook of Law and Economics
(forthcoming) (with Buccafusco
and Masur).
Samuel Brunson,
“Dear I.R.S., It Is
Time to Enforce the Campaigning
Prohibition. Even Against Churches,”
University of Colorado Law Review
(forthcoming); “Accept This as a Gift:
Unilaterally Enforcing Foreign
Tax Judgments,” 146
Tax Notes
541 (2015);
The Taxation of RICs:
Replicating Portfolio Investment or
Eliminating Double Taxation?”, 20
Stanford Journal of Law, Business, and
(forthcoming); and “The US
as Tax Haven? Aiding Developing
Countries by Revoking the Revenue
Rule,” 5
Columbia Journal of Tax Law
170 (2014).
Megan Canty,
in Search of a Purpose: Oral
Argument in the Supreme Court,
October Terms 1958-60 and 2010-12,”
Utah Law Review
(with Sullivan).
Christine Kexel Chabot,
the Supreme Court,” 92
University Law Review
217 (2015);
“Selling Chevron,” 67
Law Review
481 (2015).
Sacha Coupet,
Book chapter:
“Policing Gender on the Playground:
Interests, Needs and Rights of
Transgender and Gender Non-
Conforming Youth,”
Children, Sexuality
and the Law
(NYU Press 2015).
John Dehn,
International Law, the Separation
of Powers, and the Choice of Law
in Armed Conflicts andWars,”
Cardozo Law Review
2016); and “Whither International
Martial Law: Human Rights as
Sword and Shield in Transnational
The Theoretical
Boundaries of Armed Conflict and
Human Rights (
Teresa Frisbie (JD ’86),
of Conflict Styles Goes Long Way in
Preventing Trouble” (Aug. 26, 2015),
Cynthia Ho’s interactive guide to civil procedure will be published this year.
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