Loyola University Chicago

Student Leadership Development

Division of Student Development

Our Mission & Philosophy



In collaboration with other departments, divisions, and community partners, SLD seeks to provide high quality leadership development experiences through programs such as institutes, cohort-based programs, workshops, and conferences, as well as by serving as a resource. SLD seeks to:

  • identify, promote, and provide experiences to support the development of competencies associated with effective leadership
  • provide students with opportunities to examine their personal values, talents, and passions, and explore how they relate to socially responsible leadership
  • prepare students to be engaged in ethical leadership for the purpose of promoting positive social change


SLD is guided by a philosophy that is values-based and experiential. We understand leadership to be an ethical, inclusive, and collaborative process in which people work together for positive change. At Loyola University Chicago, we believe that people engaged in leadership:

  • are guided by a sense of purpose and a set of core values
  • serve as role models by behaving ethically and responsibly, and encouraging others to do the same
  • are committed to working for social justice
  • are creative and adaptive, and see change as an opportunity for growth
  • promote faith, justice, and service, by understanding that privilege entails moral and ethical obligations, and by making decisions with a commitment to furthering the common good
  • understand multiple leadership models (such as the Social Change Model, servant leadership, and others), and draw on them effectively
  • are discerning and are able to reflect on, and learn from, experience
  • are committed to Loyola University's Student Promise

Student Leadership Development is a part of the newly named area of Student Life & Engagement (SLE). SLE invites you to Immerse Yourself and Emerge Extraordinary! Visit luc.edu/sle to learn more about the involvement opportunities and resources offered by each department within Student Life & Engagement.

Division of Student Development's Diversity Statement

We encourage applications from all individuals who have demonstrated commitment to diversity and pluralism. Student Development at Loyola University Chicago both celebrates and promotes a safe and healthy community life for people of all races, religions, national origins, socio-economic classes, gender identities and expressions, sexual orientations, physical and learning abilities, and ages by modeling behavior and articulating expectations that we live and work together in one community, bound together by our commitment to learning and respect for one another. Excellence and diversity at Loyola are inextricably tied. We have a deep understanding of and commitment to the fact that, to be an excellent division and an excellent university, we must be diverse in all aspects of our work.

Jane Neufeld, Vice President for Student Development