Loyola University Chicago

Student Leadership Development

Division of Student Development

Student: Olivia Raymond

Name: Olivia Raymond

Year in School: Junior

Major: History & English

I’ve moved a lot but I’m currently in Indiana.

Hopefully out of Loyola with my degrees in hand, and into a PhD program while running my business.

I’m involved in many extracurricular activities and do my best to focus my energy on uplifting people of color and women in and around Loyola.

By being a good neighbor and being aware of how our tuition dollars help improve the Loyola experience. 

Patronize the local restaurants and stores not owned by Loyola, and be mindful of fellow residents on the streets.

Working in solidarity and love towards liberation for all.

It’s made me look more critically about things I’ve based my identity in due to my upbringing.

I love watching the track team practice because I use to be on my high school’s team. I love football but I’m a Ravens fan, though I watch the Bears when I’m visiting friends.

Be yourself and don’t be afraid to shed friends, clubs, and so on from your high school days in order to branch out!