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Helping families grow and improve family business governance.

Our next class is scheduled to kickoff in 2021. Check back soon for updates.

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Taught by Andrew Keyt, Clinical Professor of Family Business at Loyola's Quinlan School of Business, the Family Business Governance Institute is designed to (1) help family boards strengthen their capabilities and effectiveness and (2) prepare individual family members for board director positions.

The Institute's comprehensive curriculum addresses the major competencies and principles of family business governance and the interactions between family managers, board members, owners, and the CEO.  Peer support, experiential learning, and an immersive classroom environment are what set this program apart and are the keys to helping you and your fellow classmates experience transformational change.

Current or prospective Board Members who are part of a family business. Participants have a desire to become high functioning board members as well as a desire to develop or improve their own family business board. This institute is open to both members and non-members of the Loyola Family Business Center.


  • Role of a Board in a Family Business System
  • Role of a Board: Legal Responsibilities
  • Building the Board You Need
  • Group Process: Human Bias
  • Role of a Board in Strategy


  • Board Structure
  • Board Recruiting and Orientation
  • Board Leadership Roles
  • Running an Effective Meeting


  • Board and Succession Planning
  • Board Role in Strategy
  • Board Role in Executive Compensation
  • Capital Allocation and Budgeting
  • Driving Accountability


  • Managing Risk
  • Merges and Acquisitions
  • Evaluation and Goal Setting
  • Local Issues: Confidentiality, Liability, and Privilege
  • Dividends and Reinvestment


  • Role of Board in Family Business System
  • Legal Responsibilities
  • Building the Board You Need
  • Role of the Board in Strategy


  • Creating a Personal Board Member
  • Development Strategy
  • Board Contribution to Business and Family Success
  • Creating a Board Action Plan
  • Board simulation during each module
  • Quarterly facilitated meetings on Loyola’s Water Tower Campus
  • Experiential learning
  • Comprehensive curriculum with peer support
  • Taught by expert faculty
  • Immersive Classroom Environment
  • Schedule mirrors board meeting sequence
  • Guest speakers and subject matter experts

Andrew Keyt
Clinical Professor of Family Business
Loyola Family Business Center, Quinlan School of Business

One feature that sets the Governance Institute apart from other board development programs is peer-to-peer learning. Learn alongside fellow family business members who are just as engaged as you in the development of their own board. Over time you’ll get to know more about them, their family and their board. Benchmark against your peers, share best practices, and take what you learn in class back to your own board.

The Governance Institute is divided into six 2-day modules that take place over the course of 18 months for a total of 12 meetings. During the kickoff, the group will discuss future meeting dates in an effort to accommodate everyone's schedule.

Meetings take place on Loyola's Water Tower Campus.

“This program has encouraged me to look at the role of the board more dynamically and from a higher level. Learning in a cohort is unique because we can watch as other businesses and families try out ideas and develop. Being engaged in each other’s experience and story makes the real-time learning all the more impactful.”

Rebecca Peterson
Sasser Family Holdings

Download an informational PDF about our Governance Institute.

Anne Smart
Director, Loyola Family Business Center
312.915.7738 ยท asmart@luc.edu