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Application Information

How to Write a Winning Application

Here you'll find tips on the application process and how to effectively tell your family's story. Please note that all information submitted to the Loyola Family Business Center remains confidential.

Submit an Application

  • Tell Your Story: The survival of your family business has no doubt experienced ups and downs. Tell us about how the business got started and how your family has come together to help it survive and thrive.
  • Highlight the Involvement of Multiple Generations: Each generation has added and continues to add value to a company. Tell us about how each generation has contributed and how they continue to be involved.
  • Back it Up with Numbers: Share with us important figures that back up your prose. It will help us to understand where you have been, where you are, and where you'll be going.
  • Make Sure it is Well Written: No story is a good story if it is poorly told. Make sure that you proofread your application before you submit it, and check for spelling and grammar errors.
  • Make Sure you Answer the Question: If you need clarification, email or call us at 312.915.6490.
  • Stick to the Specified Word Limit: We know how excited you are to tell your story; keep those answers concise and meaningful. We recommend between 500-700 words per question.
  • Discuss Your Future Aspirations: Identify any opportunities or plans for short- and long-term growth; what processes you are implementing to move forward?

Go Deeper

For a closer look at specific application questions and tips on what to include when writing your application, visit our helpful tips page.

Helful Hints Webinar

Each year we host a live webinar that provides nominees with tips on how to fill out a winning application. If you missed this year's broadcast or need to visit the content, you can view the recoring here.


Give us a call at 312.915.6490 or ilfboy@luc.edu.