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What in the world?

What in the world?

Dear Family Business Members,
How are you doing? What a whirlwind these last two weeks have been. We hope to share in this note what we’ve heard from many of your fellow family businesses.
Like many of you, we have transitioned to on-line delivery of our programs. During this week and last, our Governance, Stewardship, and NextGen Institutes all met remotely, along with a peer facilitator check-in. Calls and emails continue to come in as members share stories of resilience, ingenuity, and perseverance. 
Some of your industries are leading—stressed by social restrictions and a demand for consumer goods. Some of you are lagging—hard hit by a sharp halt in orders, cancellations, and slowdowns/interruptions in the supply chain. Wherever you are in this, we know that it helps to hear from others and learn what they are doing to offset or mitigate both family and business challenges.
Korn Ferry has captured some tactical advice to help you lead through this crisis. You can read more here.
We know that managing a remote workforce may be new to you. Our sister center, Executive and Professional Education, is offering a free webinar to help you manage this new way of collaborating. You can learn about it here.
Finally, we’ve had a request to try to understand what is happening to our manufacturing businesses. Would you please respond to the short questionnaire below?  We will post the results next Friday.

Take the questionairre

Stay in touch, and please reach out to support one another as you can. The FBC team is now working remote and can be reached by email and phone at the numbers below.

Remember to take the time to care of yourself so you can effectively lead your business and family.