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On Point with Risk


Risks can come from many situations including uncertainty in financial markets, threats from projects, accidents, legal responsibilities, natural causes and disasters, personal life, premeditated attack from an adversary, or events of uncertain or unpredicted situations.

By having a strategy and a plan to mitigate the various potential risks before they happen will help an organization to save money and promote future success. The same holds true for you personally. A strong risk management plan will help you as well as your organization launch procedures to avoid potential threats, minimize any impact, and deal with the response.

It is our pleasure to introduce our webinar series, On Point with Risk. Join us each month for a discussion with subject matter experts who will share their experiences and knowledge of dealing with the challenges of risk.

They will speak to:

  • Why it’s important to recognize risks,
  • The value of embracing risks and not running from them,
  • The consequences of avoiding risks or, not fully understanding them, or accepting them,
  • The positive magnitude of strategically planning and implementing continuous risk management strategies,
  • And more….

We are excited about the future of this series and hope you will take advantage of the opportunity to engage with our many guests. Remember, you are not alone when it comes to managing risks. The Center for Risk Management is here for you.