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Student Partner Program

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The hub offers a unique, turnkey solution for organizations seeking quality interns.

How it works

Our Student Partner Program provides your organization with an alternate route for recruiting student interns—we call it a twist on the traditional internship program.

Here's how it works:

  • We help you find eligible student candidates to meet your needs.
  • We present you with candidates, and you conduct the interviews.
  • You make your selection.
  • During the internship with your company, the student remains an employee of Loyola University Chicago. Instead of paying the student, you pay Loyola and, in turn, we pay the student.

Program benefits

The Student Partner Program provides interns that are more competent, more efficient, and more valuable during their time with your organization. Take a look at the benefits:

Higher quality work

During their internship, students have access to a extensive support network that includes multi-disciplinary Loyola faculty and staff, as well as the Loyola Business Leadership Hub's senior staff.

If needed (and with permission from your organization), students can also lean on other Loyola students for support during peak periods of project work. Together, this gives students a wide array of tools, enabling a higher level of work and enhancing your experience.

Turnkey solution for your organization

Students will receive work direction from your organization while being supervised by Loyola staff. This significantly reduces on-boarding administration and allows your newly hired intern to hit the ground running.

Loyola support for the student

Because the student interns are considered Loyola employees, they can tap into all of the services, support systems, and benefits that Loyola has to offer.

Contact us

To discuss the Student Partner Program, contact leadershiphub@luc.edu.