Loyola University Chicago

Residence Life

International LC

The International Learning Community brings together students who are passionate about international issues and cross-cultural conversations. The International LC is open to domestic and international students, allowing for engaged learning and sharing of experiences. 
Staff Partner 
Ryan Radebaugh, Advisor - International Students & Scholars
Annie Reagan, Advisor - Study Abroad
Academic Advisors
Michelle Aldridge
Sample Activities and Events
  • Participate in Coffee and Conversation with international students
  • Listen and learn about storytelling with Scott Whitehair
  • Explore Chicago neighborhoods and their international foods and cultures
  • Participate in International Education Week
  • Take a field trip to the Baha'i Temple
  • Learn about study abroad opportunities
  • Engage in the Global Mentorship Program
  • Go to the Chicago International Film Festival
Required Courses Fall 2019
Make sure to sign up for the correct section (the three digits after the hyphen)! 
Choose 1:
  • UCWR 110-069, class 6108: TuTh at 2:30pm. Instructor- Patrick Randolph
  • ANTH 100-001, class 1276: MWF at 8:15AMam. Instructor- Catherine Nichols
Choose 1:
  • UNIV 101-074, class 4621: Th at 4:00pm. Instructor- Michelle Aldridge
  • UNIV 101-077, class 2469: Th at 5:00pm. Instructor- Michelle Aldridge
  • UNIV 101-084, class 2474: F at 11:30am. Instructor- Michelle Aldridge
  • UNIV 101-092, class 2480: F at 12:45pm. Instructor- Michelle Aldridge